Wednesday, September 28, 2011

ABC Wednesday: K is for "To Be Kids"

We had three kids in our house on Cape Cod this August for the summer holiday.  Carmin, the big blond boy is only six months older than our granddaughter, Sailee.  But he is such a tall kid and looks like a 5 or 6 years old boy already.  He is the son of our daughter's best childhood friend in France and was visiting the US for the summer.  Maxime, our grandson weighs almost as much as his sister, but he is 2 and half years younger than Sailee.

Kids to be kids, just a simple ball in hand, there could be so much fun!   Carmin is funny, rolling on the grass all the time.  Sailee is very agile and runs like a rabbit.  Maxime is a sumo wrestler, he does not run fast, not yet.

When there was a water hose in hand, everything just went wild!

Oh! it is just so much fun with grandma's straw hat and sunglasses!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ABC Wednesday: J is for Joyous

We have one daughter and she gave us two marvelous grandchildren, Sailee and Maxime.  Sailee is 4 years old and Maxime is 1 1/2 years old.  They live near Washington DC and we do not see them often, but they are our pride and joy.  We try to have summer vacation with them at our home in Cape Cod each summer.  Sailee has come to Cape Cod twice already.  Since Maxime was too young last year, they were not able to make the trip.  We had been looking forward to their visit this past August.  They like to sit on the floor of our gazebo.

Sailee is petite and absolutely a beauty.  She is enthusiastic and curious about everything; keeps on asking "why...?" and "why...?".  Even she only sees us a few times of year, she is very close to us.  She chats with us like a six-year old child.

Maxime is a very big boy, at one and half years old, he almost weighs as much as his four years old sister.  In contrast, Maxime is shy and not really talking yet.

As you can see, it was a gorgeous day with perfect blue sky and miles of green beach grasses.  We visited our friends near the beach of Brewster (the Bay side).  Our daughter and granddaughter were walking along the sand flat, quiet and peaceful!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

ABC Wednesday: I is for the Interior of Metropolitan Museum of Art

I have seen photograph of Great Hall of Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York and would like to photograph it myself.  But when I arrived at the museum with my sister during our second day of photo safari at New York City, I was so preoccupied of rushing to  get the tickets and went in to see different exhibitions and I did not raise my eye to see how impressive the Great Hall is.

It was only at end of our tour when we were ready to leave, I raised my head and saw the magnificent roof of the Great Hall.

This is the Grand Staircase of the Great Hall leading to the 19th century art gallery.

One of the main photographic objective for the tour of Met is to photograph the glass enclosed court yard.  Here is the American Wing.

Here is the Greek and Roman Art Gallery.

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Monday, September 5, 2011

ABC Wednesday: H is for City Hall Park

When my sister and I took the express underground from the World Trade Center to Grand Central Station, there is only one stop in between, which is City Hall Park and Brooklyn Bridge.  That peaked my interest.  After we took a break at Grand Central Station and took some pictures, we headed back to the City Hall Park.  Coming out from the underground, the view is typical New York, tall impressive buildings lining two sides of the street.  There is no where to look but up.  Here is a view on Chambers Street towards the Manhattan Municipal Building.  The Tweed Court House is on the right and City Hall Library is on the left.

A closer look of the Manhattan Municipal Building.

A very impressive Tweed Court House.

 Every where we looked we could see these highly ornate structures on top of the buildings.

Here is a detail view outside of City Hall Library.

What is this building?  100 Centre Street, the infamous New York Criminal Courts Building.

The weather was so nice that day.  There were hundreds of people, locals and tourists alike, walking on the Bridge.

I have seen the photographs of this bridge many times and was glade to be able to photograph it myself.

Well everything about the Brooklyn bridge, at least for photographer, are the lines!

We had a marvelous day of photo safari of New York City.  We would visit Metropolitan Museum of Art and Central Park the next day.

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