Tuesday, February 22, 2011

ABC Wednesday: F is for Taipei International Flora Exposition

Taipei International Flora Exposition is held from 2010/11/6 to 2011/4/25.  It is an International Horticulture Exposition recognized by AIPH, the International Association of Horticultural Producers and by BIE, Bureau International des Expositions.  The first exposition is held in Rotterdam, Netherlands in 1960.  Taipei is very proud to host this event and the city has spent a lot of efforts and money to organize this exposition.  By mid-February, there had been over 5 million people visited this event.  Since last December and most of January, the temperature was around 10 degree C.  For your people in the Northern Hemisphere, that is such a nice comfortable temperature.  For us it was too cold.  Only till last week. we had a nice warm half day with beautiful sunshine.  I went for a nice walk around the beautiful ground.

The most impressive exhibition is revolved around several exhibition halls.  However, that requires  standing in line for long hours.  I took the next best, to walk around the massive planted flower beds.

Not many exotic flower plants, but it is the massive planting that is impressive.

All the flowers are in perfect condition and in full bloom.

You can imagine the amount of work needed to put in to maintain these flower beds.  They are replaced according to the flowering season.

As always, photographing flowers is not the easiest thing.  The exposure meter always tend to over expose.  I have to read the RGB histogram of the image on the LCD at the back of the camera to make sure the exposure is correct, especially the red is not over exposed.

Many countries come to participate in the exposition.  These beautiful tulips are from, guess who, Holland!

I did not bother to bring my macro lens with me.  However, my new 28-300 VR lens performed quite well in close-up.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

ABC Wednesday: E is for Excursion in Victoria Harbor

We went to Hong Kong on Friday, February 6.  There were two reasons for the trip.  One is to attend the wedding of Grace's niece.  She already had a formal wedding in LA, but came back to Hong Kong, her birth place, to have a wedding banquet for all her relatives and friends.  For a very long time, the ceremony of the wedding banquet is more important than the formal registration to the local magistrate.  Thus a man can be charged for marrying twice, simply because he has a wedding banquet with another women other than his wife.  It has happened quite often to Taiwan merchants doing business in China.

The second reason for the visit is to visit Grace's parents in Hong Kong.  They have been living in Hong Kong for over 20 years to be closeby to their youngest daughter, who married to Hong Kong.  Chinese New Year was February, 5 this year.  It is the Chinese tradition that married daughter should go back to visit her parents' home on the second day of the New Year.

The newly wed invited us and many of her friends to have an excursion in the Victoria Harbor.  We had fantastic view of the Hong Kong cityscape on the boat.  But the real highlight is to see the Hong Kong Chinese New Year firework.

We have never seen fireworks from the boat before.  As you can imagine, there were a lot of boats on the water, from giant cruise ships, smaller yachts to typical Hong Kong junks.

The added advantage of viewing the fireworks from the water was that we also had a fantastic view of the reflection of the fireworks from the water.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

ABC Wednesday: D is for Door

This Door opens to a cave carved into the mountain.  It is on the roadside where we stopped for overlooking the Tuscany Town of Sorano, which we have shown in our previous post.

Here is the detail of this very old, but colorful Door.

How an old stone wall, steel-barred window and an old door in an old Tuscany town, such as Sorano can be so beautiful.

Here is the detail of the Door.

Not everything is old in Sorano.  The arch of this Door way to a local restaurant is real stone.  The stones on the right hand side of the picture is painted.  They probably ran out of the money during the restoration.

Here is the detail of the stone Door of the restaurant.

This photograph of a very colorful garden door was taken by Grace outside the lakeside town of Marta, Italy.

Who said we have to travel half of the world in order to take photographs of some colorful old door?  This door is not too far from our condo.  It is the door of some old houses that have not been taken away during the road expansion project.  The letters on the left hand-side mean No. 22.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ABC Wednesday: C is for China

This Wednesday is Chinese New Year Eve, So Grace and I are saying Happy New Year to everybody.  We were in China last October and was in time for the Shanghai World Expo.  Even in September, the weather was too hot for us.  We only visited the Expo in the late afternoon and evening.  This is the China Pavilion.  There were so many people, we did not even attempt to get in.  Same thing were true for most Country's pavilion.

But at night, most pavilions were lighted up and looked probably better than at day time.  To the right of the China pavilion is a huge rabbit lantern.  The coming Chinese New Year is the year of rabbit.

Right next to the China Pavilion is Taiwan Pavilion which was a giant cube with a giant ball in the center.  The images on the ball are flying lanterns for good luck .  After China Pavilion, it is one of the next most popular one.

This one is for Korea.  We have not anticipated to do so many night photography.  Although both Grace's DX 18-200 VR and mine 24-300 with VR can do a descent job.  But we sure hope that we had our prime large aperture lenses with us.  Anyhow we did have some good fun.  So follow us and let us have a tour of the Shanghai World Expo as we saw it.

Qatar Pavilion

Sweden on the left and Iceland on the right, do you see the full moon?


A special Pavilion, I think it was made by Germany and the whole structure as the big beams that you can see from this photo were made of bamboo.  

The folded "paper cut-out panel" inside of the Poland Pavilion.

Russian Pavilion

Serbia Pavilion

Luxemburg, the "Gelle Fra" (Golden Lady", the most important national symbol of Luxembourg, traveled outside of the country for the first time.

Spain Pavilion was completely made of hand-weaved wicker.

Angola Pavilion

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