Saturday, November 30, 2013

Nikon Df First Hand Impression

Got my Nikon Df today, not by reservation, but by just walked into the local camera store.  My major reason of getting the Df is not for its retro look but as a backup camera for D4.  Neither my D800 nor my wife's D600 serves the purpose well.  Df, by using the same D4 sensor and same MP, it becomes a perfect choice.  It is almost like the relationship between D700 and D3.

I shoot most of the time in RAW at aperture priority, thus the excitement of the retro-looking knobs does not really useful for me except for the look.  When I first pick up the camera, what shock me is how do I adjust the aperture!  Took me a while to realize, if I am using the G lens, I can use the knob in front of the camera to adjust it.  The coolest thing is, if I am using the D lens, now I can use the aperture ring of the lens to adjust the aperture.  Now, that is cool.  When was the last time I used the aperture ring on the lens?  Zillion years ago!

I did not go so far as to switch from AF to M.  However with the prime lens on Df, to change the focusing mode is really easy (AF-S/AF-C; single point, AUTO).  To change focusing mode on D4 with heavy profession lens mounted is an almost impossible task.  I almost have to put the camera down to change the focusing mode when I have my D4 mounted with 3000/2.8 lens.

Now I am getting all my old D lens out for the Df.  It should be really fun.  For  my professional lenses, they will stay with D4.  They are too front heavy for the Df.  But just if ever my D4 failed, now I will have my Df as back up!

Does the picture looks a little bit out of focus?  I used the 135mm DC lens with the camera and focus right in the middle of the lens, thus everything behind it is bit out focus.  Df with the 135mm DC lens really feels good and looks good.


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