Tuesday, December 14, 2010

ABC Wednesday: V for What a View

I (Grace) visited Sanya (三亞) at Hainan Island (海南島).  It is the southernmost city in China.  I stayed in an exclusive resort by the ocean.  The View of the sunset was magnificent.  

Can you tell what the View is in this picture?  I took this photograph in the late afternoon in Hong Kong Park which is right in the center of busy Hong Kong Island.  The shimmering color and the water reflection make the View look like a watercolor painting.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

ABC Wednesday: U is for Upside Down

We have been showing pictures of Tuscany during the last several weeks.  I thought it is about time to show some images back home in Taipei.  A week ago, I went to the Taipei Botanical Garden.  It was the first time after the trip to Italy that I had time to do some photography in Taipei.  This Intermediate Egret, Egretta intermedia was Upside Down cleaning itself in the lotus pond.

Well, to be fair, here it is right-side up.

The lotus was completely dry up in the winter.

At closer look, I could see the dried seed pod was bending over and dipped its head Upside down on the surface of the water.  The nature is so smart, the dried stem cannot bear the weight of the seed pod and bend over, the seeds in the pod then naturally fall right to the button of the pond and wait for next spring to germinate.

Grace went with me to the Taipei Botanical Garden last weekend.  She took this picture of Black-crowned Night Heron, Nycticorax nycticorax with her new Nikon D7000 and her beloved 18-200mm VR lens.  One of the first ten D7000 arrived to Taiwan last week.  Can you see the Upside down reflection of the bird.

Here is a proper look of the bird with its amazing bloodshot eye.  We even took HD movie of the bird with the D7000...., not much different from the still picture.  It hardly moved.

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