Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ABC Wednesday: C is for China

This Wednesday is Chinese New Year Eve, So Grace and I are saying Happy New Year to everybody.  We were in China last October and was in time for the Shanghai World Expo.  Even in September, the weather was too hot for us.  We only visited the Expo in the late afternoon and evening.  This is the China Pavilion.  There were so many people, we did not even attempt to get in.  Same thing were true for most Country's pavilion.

But at night, most pavilions were lighted up and looked probably better than at day time.  To the right of the China pavilion is a huge rabbit lantern.  The coming Chinese New Year is the year of rabbit.

Right next to the China Pavilion is Taiwan Pavilion which was a giant cube with a giant ball in the center.  The images on the ball are flying lanterns for good luck .  After China Pavilion, it is one of the next most popular one.

This one is for Korea.  We have not anticipated to do so many night photography.  Although both Grace's DX 18-200 VR and mine 24-300 with VR can do a descent job.  But we sure hope that we had our prime large aperture lenses with us.  Anyhow we did have some good fun.  So follow us and let us have a tour of the Shanghai World Expo as we saw it.

Qatar Pavilion

Sweden on the left and Iceland on the right, do you see the full moon?


A special Pavilion, I think it was made by Germany and the whole structure as the big beams that you can see from this photo were made of bamboo.  

The folded "paper cut-out panel" inside of the Poland Pavilion.

Russian Pavilion

Serbia Pavilion

Luxemburg, the "Gelle Fra" (Golden Lady", the most important national symbol of Luxembourg, traveled outside of the country for the first time.

Spain Pavilion was completely made of hand-weaved wicker.

Angola Pavilion

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☺lani☺ said...

Pretty nice! Thanks for touring me, have no chance to visit! Happy Chinese New Year in our world! :)

Ann said...

Two of my students went to Shanghai and visit their grandparents. They went to the Expo and wanted to write about that first two photos. I went to the internet and printed the photo for them.

Gattina said...

Very beautiful night shots !
ABC Team

Lulu Post said...

happy chinese new year. beautiful photos.

Visiting from ABC Wednesday. I followed your blog and hope you can do the same. Please visit my entry
C is for Crab Legs

Roger Owen Green said...

trhese are great, esp the Lux lady.
happy new year!

RuneE said...

It seems to have been a lively exhibition - thank you for the tour!

Sylvia K said...

What a fantastic tour you've taken us on!! And, as always, your photos are breathtaking and superb! Terrific post for the C Day! Great celebration! Hope the rest of your week goes well!


Reader Wil said...

The only world expo I went to was in the fifties in Bruxelles. How far more colourful and interesting the buildings are now. Thanks for sharing your photos! Happy Chinese New Year!

Janie said...

The lights from the pavilions are very impressive. Beautiful photos of the displays!

Joy said...

An amazing experience to visit Expo, stunning buildings and photos.

TheChieftess said...


shu said...

Thank you for taking us on the tour. Amazing buildings ...

Carola said...

China is full of surprises.
This photos are outstanding.


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