Monday, January 25, 2010

Granddaughter's Toy

Saturday morning, I was sent to the basement to stay with our granddaughter while she was playing in her playroom. I did not have to engage in her playing a lot, thus took my Nikon D700 with the 135mm DC lens off from the shelf and sat comfortably on the chair to find some interesting subjects.

Children's toys are the most colorful things to photograph. This turtle hides itself high up near the ceiling.

This yellow school bus, which my granddaughter calls it YAYOU BUS was ready to drive to school when it backed into a basket.

This lonely white tiger given by her grandma apparently has lost the favorite of its master. Do you think he looks a little bit sad?

Here is my granddaughter's favorite ride. It sings.

I really think this is a rechargeable battery for the car.

All the characters of the circus are ready for action whenever the duty calls come.

Except this chic little elephant,who is hiding itself under the table.


shu said...

Gandpa in toyland!

Life with Kaishon said...

Your grandaughter is lovely! And so are your captures of her toys! How fantastic : )

Janie said...

Your granddaughter is an adorable little girl. She has lots of fun, colorful toys to play with (and for grandpa to photograph)!


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