Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kew Gardens III and Today's Flowers #99

Probably the most impressive plants during the Spring day when Grace was visiting the Kew Gardens are the century-old rhododendrons.

There are many different varieties.

Some have two colors.

The yellow ones are certainly one of the most beautiful and unusual specimen.

There are also a lot of massive planting of the spring bulbs in the flower beds and grass fields.  Some were planted hundreds of years ago

The color combination is fantastic.

To see more flowers from around the world click here.


Denise said...

Spectacular flowers! Thanks for sharing.
An English Girl Rambles

Average Girl said...

Beautiful photographs! Happy Sunday to you both!

Jama said...

The flowers are spectacular!

Carolyn Ford said...

It's just amazing how old these plants can be...that for so many years these gardens have been tended to so carefully. What a glorious sight it would be to see! Lovely!

fiziskandarz said...

1. u both have travel the world.
2. u know all kind of flowers
3. and birds too! [ ahem, is there anything that u dont know haha ;) ]
4. u got a super adorable grand daughter.
5. we think u've been blessed with great life, and we envy u!!
6. oh yeah - let us know if u're plannning to visit spain, we can throw in our 2 cents worth :)


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