Monday, August 23, 2010

ABC Wednesday: F is for Fisherman

We have been quite busy recently.  Grace's father has not been in very good health and came to Taiwan with her sister from Hong Kong to see doctors in Taiwan.  His condition was a bit better last weekend.  We decided to take them for a trip to the Northeast Coast National Scenic Area.  Bradley has posted his trip to the area not too long ago.  We arrived at Daxi Fishing Port just after lunch.  There were no Greater Crested Tern for us to photograph this time.  But we arrived just in time for the returning fishing fleet came into the port.

Here one of the Fishing boat was steaming into port with Turtle Island in the background.

The waterway inside the port is quite narrow and it was amazing to see how the fishing boat maneuvered through the waterway like a car.

Here one of the colorful Fishing vessel was docking by the harbor ready for unload.

The labors on the vessel were quickly sorting out the fishes.  Most of them are foreign workers from Southeast Asia.

It is really hard work, not many local people are willing to take on this type of job anymore.  Here they were sorting out beltfish.

Here is a closer look of one of them, a very colorful looking guy.

Here the Taiwanese Captain was unloading a bucket full of fresh fish with the help of his assistant.

What a weather beaten, hard living character, a real Fisherman!

But look, he is really enjoying his life as the Captain of a Fishing vessel.

Now his assistant was pulling the bucket to shore.  The land based crew quickly sorted the fish for the buyer.  Bradley was one of the enthusiastic shopper.  How much?  He asked.  NT$500 (US$13) per kilogram!  Could I have this piece?  He asked.  How they laughed!!  They only sell the fish by the bucket!!!

She must be an owner of the Fishing vessel or daughter of the owner.  With earrings and fake eyelashes, mixing with the labors and carefully took down all the numbers.

Daxi Fishing Port is at Yilan county.  It is famous for the green mountains and sweet spring water which are said to produce beautiful girls.  Seeing these Fisherman's daughters in the mid of hard working Fishermen, We have no doubt of that.

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Rajesh said...

Wonderful post. That is lot of fishes. The first shot is awesome and scenic.

Hildred and Charles said...

The fishing boats look very colourful and gay but can imagine what hard work they represent. Great post.

Sylvia K said...

Great post and photos for the F Day! Hope Grace's father continues to improve! Glad you had such a lovely outing! Enjoy your week!


Vernz said...

She can be the muse of the fishermen .. interesting... great F.

My ABC Wednesday here
And Here Too
hope you can drop by, Have A Nice Day!

Roger Owen Green said...

Lots of important, hard work.

On behalf of ABC Wednesday team, thank you! - ROG

RuneE said...

Fish and fisheries are well known around here, but we also suffer from lack of interest among the younger people in doing this important work.

We are not as colourful, though :-)

Jama said...

Fresh fish! I've never seen a fishing boat unloading fishes before, really an eye opener to me.

Ann said...

The beautiful fish owner reminds me of the famous BIN LAN MEI.

Did you buy some fresh fish and crabs?

Tumblewords: said...

Fantastic photos! Interesting fishing!

Reader Wil said...

What a wonderful set of photos! The fisherman are really very hard working men and you captured this very well. I hope that your father is getting better soon, Grace!

shu said...

Fresh belt fish, yummy. Beautiful post.


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