Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ABC Wednesday: J is for Our Journey to Shanghai

Shanghai has a very special meaning for us.  Although both of us were born in Taipei but our parents came from Shanghai.  We have been to Shanghai several times when Bradley's parents were still with us.  The trip that we took last week was the first one since both of them have passed away.  We have planned this trip for quite a while for the purpose of visiting the World Expo.

The above picture was taken from the famous Shanghai Bund toward the new Shanghai district Pudong.  It was the ancestor home for Bradley.  His grand father used to own several houses right at where the Shanghai World Financial Center is now.  He ran a business of several ferry boats across the Huangpu River between Pudong and Shanghai.

This picture was taken from our hotel window at the Shanghai International Convention Center, looking across the Huangpu River toward the Bund.  The Bund is about 1 km long and lined with colonial buildings left from the early 20th century.

We will show more pictures of our journey to Shanghai and World Expo in the near future, so stay tuned.

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Sylvia K said...

Looks like a marvelous journey to me! And certainly a great J for the day! Marvelous photos! Love the night shot! Hope your week is going well. Enjoy!


Jama said...

Must be a lovely journey, a better than my road journey home by bus from KL!

photowannabe said...

How thrilling to visit again the home of your ancesters. Looking forward to more pictures of such an exotic land. I love the shot of the moon setting.

Roger Owen Green said...

home is where the heart is. amazing journey.
ROG, ABC Wednes­day team

Tumblewords: said...

Wonderful to see these beautiful photographs!

Francisca said...

That's a gorgeous shot of modern day Pudong, but it has no resemblance at all to the Pudong I first saw in 1985 when it was mainly agricultural land with a few old crumbling factory buildings!

RuneE said...

I probably will never make it as far as Shanghai, so thank you for this tour!

Leo said...

lovely photos :) the night shot looks just marvellous! :D


Ann said...

Shanghai people are known for being good business man. I have a pair of 6 year old twin girls from Shanghai. They are so cute.

That Shang Hai Tang song is lovely.

Jay said...

How beautiful it looks across the water! Great shots!

It must be quite something, going to Shanghai, back to your roots.

shu said...

It is an amazing site and a special place to us. I was standing there telling the family story to Tim several yeara ago. Thank you for the photos!


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