Tuesday, December 13, 2011

ABC Wednesday: V is for A Beach with A View

 A few weeks ago, I took a day off to drive to central part of Taiwan for a photographic trip.  I have shown my visit to the Camomile Tea Plantation and sunflowers field of a flower show in my two previous blogs.  My final stop of the trip was for a beach near Taichung harbor.  It is a location well known for photographing sunset.  When I was on the highway driving west toward the beach, I saw an amazing colorful sunset. The sun went down earlier than I thought in the winter month.  I was not too worried, photographing sunset does not always mean having the bright red sun in the picture.

As I arrived at the beach, the light in sky and the reflection from the water surface was just perfect.  The beach is a wide open mud plan of a river outlet by the Taichung harbor.  The wind mills built by the Taiwan Electric add interest to the sunset scene.

 The mud is as smooth as silk, many young people walking miles out to the ocean and play the mud with their feet.  As sun was setting, I have to move quickly and have little chance to set my tripod in the mud. The VR on the lens worked reasonably well which allowed me to photograph till really late.  If I used tripod and slower shutter speed, It would not be possible to freeze the blades of the wind mill.

Finally it was really too dark, I walked back to the parking and took this final picture with the light from Taichung harbor as back drop.  I leaned my camera on a lamp post and used slower speed to blur the action of the wind mill.

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photowannabe said...

Truly delightful photos. You captured sunset beautifully.

Kathy said...

All of these shots are absolutely spectacular!

Roger Owen Green said...

Lovely view, tho I'm still not sold on those wind turbines.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Shu said...

Wonderful shots - especially nice with your narration. It looks very striking against the black background on the web page.

Oakland Daily Photo said...

Your third photo is stunning. Brava!

Paula Scott said...

Beautiful sunset images! I appreciate the effort it took to get those shots.

Anonymous said...

i live in the desert and there are many windmills there. not used to seeing windmills by the beach like that

Carol said...

Great photos! Lovely shots, very pleasing to the eye.


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