Sunday, September 23, 2012

Nikon D4: Facial Recognition in Wildlife

We often would like to believe the magic software inside Nikon digital camera will work magic and select the best focusing point to do the automatic focusing for us.  After taking over 3000 pictures in three weeks using my new D4 in various venues, the facial recognition feature of the "Auto" setting worked most of the time.  Occasionally it will need some help, I will need to switch quickly to "Single Spot".  With the new focus selection setup of the newer Nikon DSLR (D7000, D800, D4), it is a skill needs to be mastered.

However, in the wildlife situation, hmmm......  I think the animal's face can be challenging for the camera.  The D4 was clearly focused on the flamingo's wing, the eye is clear but a bit soft, especially when I look at 100%.

I switched to "Spot" and AF-C placing the focusing spot right on this macaque's eye.  The eye then is incredibly sharp even at 100%.  The image was shot at 400mm with 80-400mm at f8, 1/200, ISO560.  In all honest, I could hardly see the macaque's eye in the viewfinder when I was taking the photo.

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