Sunday, July 7, 2013

Our Friend's Villa at Bali

Grace's friend has a house exchange and is staying in a Villa in Southern Bali and asked us to spend a long weekend with them.  The house is a private villa and is a lot bigger than the usual villa that are rented to tourists.  It is very traditional in the typical Bali architecture style.  It took five hours to fly from Taipei to Bali, then another one hour to fight through the immigration.  In the end, when we walked into the villa and saw her friends, it was all worth it.

Here is the front entrance from inside, we actually come in through the parking on the left.

This is a pillar bearer at the main court yard.

Every house in Bali seems has this type veranda.   The local use it for ceremonial purpose.

The very interacted carving by the pool, they are in evidence all over the house.

This is the main courtyard, I noticed the reflection from the marble floor and used HDR to bring it out.

This is the main living area going in from the court yard.


 The bed room that we stayed in is a separated from the main house.

 As you can see, the room we slept in is original used by the owner's children.

Our friends prepared a sumptuous breakfast before we started into the mountain for a region that we were going to stay for the next two days.

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