Saturday, April 11, 2009

Camera-Critters #53: Chimpanzee

You know what I think that he is thinking?  Where is my meat?

In the wild, the chimpanzees are not as benign as they seems. They hunt monkey for meat and the meat is considered as a delicacy for them. A male shares meat with other male in order to build male-to-male bond. He also shares meat with female chimpanzees in exchange for sex. He may even make long-term investment on sexually non-receptive females. The strategy works very well, the sharing chimpanzees get twice as many sex as the stingy non-sharing chimpanzees.

The three-year study on this topic was carried out by German scientists at Côte d'Ivoire and published in PLoS ONE  this week.

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Denise said...

That's quite a study. I didn't realize that chimps were carnivores. Very interesting post and I thought your photo was great.

Karen said...

That's a cool photo..

Interesting facts as well..

Wonder if that goes for humans as well? :-)

Monica said...

Beautiful photograph and some interseting facts that I didn't know. Thanks for sharing.


J said...

Good photo and interesting post...kind of feel like maybe the results should be published on the home page of dating websites. ;)

Tulip said...

great capture. happy easter!

Anonymous said...

Good shot! And great information on the amazingly complex social structure of the species!

i beati said...

big big guy- there are several nice chimpanze posts this weekedn.Their time Sandy


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