Thursday, June 4, 2009

Greenwich Village III: The Other Side

Greenwich village does not only have the great restaurants, it is also a well sought after residential address.  It has many quiet streets and alleys from 1800's.  The apartments and town houses all worth millions, as in US dollar.

Grove court is one of this alleys/court yard but it is locked for the tourists.

The court yard is surrounded by houses dating from 1820's.  It was the setting for O. Henry's novel, "The last leaf", about an ailing young woman and a failing artist.  It was made into a movie "O. Henry's Full House" in 1952.

This brick building occupied almost a block.  The original builder used left-over defected bricks from the brick yard to build the complex.  It actually adds certain charm to the building.  The money he saved, he used it to build this charming court yard.

A final image of the Village.  It was a marvelous trip, thanks to my sister who organized it for me.

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