Monday, June 1, 2009

Today's Flowers #42: Rose

I (Bradley) visited my sister at New Jersey last week, when I was on my way from Taiwan to Washington, DC to see our daughter's family.  Grace was at Orlando, FL for her conference.  My sister has this beautiful rose bush in her garden.  The color of the pedal was so rich, almost velvet like.

Well, it used to be a hybrid tea, or it wanted to be a hybrid tea once.  The harsh winter killed the implanted hybrid tea part and left the root of the original hardy recipient rugosa.  My brother-in-law further tried to kill it as a weed.  It survives all these treatments and blossoms into a beautiful rose bush.  Thanks to my sister's green thumb!!

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Arija said...

It actually looks like a grafted 'Black Boy', sometimes when the graft is under the soil level,it comes bck to its formr glory. Lovely shots.

Luiz Santilli Jr said...

Hi Grace and Bradley
Wonderful this red rose you posted today!
Thanks for posting for TODAY'S FLOWERS.

Denise said...

Hi Bradley, I am glad this beautiful rose survived so that you could take this beautiful photograph for us. Say hi to Grace and have a wonderful week.

Tulip said...

lovely vibrant red rose.

fiziskandarz said...

i particularly like the 1st image.. the image was rendered nicely with color tone + blurry edges.. well done! :D

bettyl said...

Wonderful photo and story! It's funny how 'weeds' ...well, aren't!

Diane said...

Gorgeous flowers!

shu said...

My humble flowers turn into this amazing image through your lens. We were so happy it had a second life and got itself on your blog. It used to be the classical long stem red rose - we enjoyed it then, now we are enjoying this one every June equally. Sis


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