Friday, November 20, 2009

Kreative Blogger

Grace and I are very honored to accept the Kreativ Blogger Award from Carol of Photo Phase. To accept the award I think that we should write seven things of ourselves: 1. We are college classmates and married right after our graduation; 2. My parents bought me a SRL camera, Minolta 101 when I was 20. It was a great tool of courting Grace; 3. We left Taiwan to pursue higher scientific studies in the US then in the UK and worked in France before settling back again in the US; 4. Photography has been a passion for us throughout our life. Grace used her point-and-shoot, which I upgraded for her every few years, from film to digital. I used my Minolta SLR before upgraded to Nikon; 5. We moved back to Taiwan seven years ago to be close to our aging parents and started new business; 6. Two years ago, I gave Grace a Nikon D40, her first SLR. Our life changed ever since. We go out almost every weekend to explore new places and take photographs. We also went on professional guided photographic tours; and 7. We also start blogging to share our passion of photography and life with many blogging friends. ABC Wednesday is the first meme that we joined and that is where we met Carol. Thank you, Carol, for your friendship and the Kreativ Blogger Award.

Now we would like to pass the Kreative Blogger Award to several of the blogs that we have been following and enjoyed. 1. fiziskandarZ: It is hosted by a young Malaysian couple studying in the UK. The blog chronicles their life in Europe. His photos are amazing both in color and composition, especially of his creative use of wide-angle lens. They are also examples of how to take photographs of yourself and your partner, which our older generation of photographers never learn. 2. J of Occasional J: She was an English teacher from the UK working in China. We followed her experience in China and the point of view from a foreigner toward the rapid changes undertaking in China recently. She has since gone back to the UK and started a new chapter of her life back home. She also bought a new DSLR and we can see the great advance in her photographic talent. 3. JoAnn at Through JoAnn's Digital Eyes: We just simply love her photos, she is so artistic.


Carol said...

Grace and Bradley, I love your blog...your photos are wonderful ....I enjoyed reading the things you shared with us do have an amazing life...

J said...

Thank you! It sounds like you have had very interesting lives - perhaps some biographical snippets are in order!


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