Sunday, November 1, 2009

Today's Flowers #64: Aspen Tree at Sierra Mountain

Unlike the Fall color of the East Coast, the color of autumn at the Sierra mountain mostly has only one color, yellow. Grace and I were traveling in the Sierra mountain last week with two photographic groups. One was for the Yosemite National Park and the other one was at Eastern Sierra around Mono Lake. For me, the yellow color is one of the most difficult color to capture in a digital camera. Over saturate it, it turns to brown. Underexpose it, it turns to brown too. That means any yellow leaves in the shade tend to have a brown tint.

Landscape photography is also a testing of image's resolution, it is hard to keep every leave sharp when we blow up the images to 100%. I took two pictures of this Aspen tree at the prime of its yellow color then merged the images together in the Photoshop. I think I got the color right this time. Click on it and you can almost see every single leave.

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Hagemor said...

beautiful autumncolour!"!!

Carletta said...

How very beautiful!
Lovely composition.
I enjoyed reading how you accomplished the shot - well done.
Carletta’s Captures.

Stine in Ontario said...

The colour looks right to me. I love aspens in autumn!

Gbex said...

Friendship is the most beautiful relationship on earth. Share this wonderful relationship with the most beautiful object on earth the flowers. Flower is the symbol of joy, love, happiness, and passion. Every flower has its own image and importance and its own emotion symbol.

Hello there, nice to be here..I will be glad to hear from you soon.

chubskulit said...

The aspen tree is standing so proud and pretty!

You might know the names of some flowers that I have posted, coz I don't know them. Hope to see you!

Naturegirl said...

Wonderful golden tree! Here most of our golden leaves have fallen to the grown.

Grace Olsson said...

Hello dewarest.
How are u?
I was travelling and arrived at home now...sorry for me dont visit you before..
great scene...romantic shot.congrats

shu said...

Yes, yellow is very hard color to capture. Yes, it is the most brilliant color of the fall.


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