Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ABC Wednesday: J is for Japanese Garden I

I (Grace) was in Tokyo in February for a brief business trip, but I still found time to make a short visit to the East Garden (東御苑, Higashi-Gyoen) of the Japanese Imperial Palace. Before getting to the Palace, I visited the Kitanomaru Park which is located adjacent to the East Garden.

This picture shows how impressive the palace is. The white wall at top of the castle wall is about 2-meter high. Thus you can imagine how big these stones are and how high the castle wall is. The entire Palace is surrounded by various moats.

The scale of the huge entrance can also be seen in comparison to the school boy.

It was a beautiful sunny day, the sunlight came from the other side which lit up the entry way.

The architecture of the entrance is very traditional Japanese, giving a serene atmosphere.

There was a race for the school children in the park. You can imagine that these kids must come from very prestigious families in Tokyo, in order to have a school outing and race so close to the Imperial Palace ground.

This boy was very good, way ahead of his classmates. Many mothers were cheering along the way.

He may be the last one, but he made it through and cheered by all the onlookers. I think that he is very cute, looks like a Japanese cartoon figure.

Go to our next blog to see the flowers of the garden.

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Sylvia K said...

Always love Japanese gardens! We have one in Seattle and there is an incredible one in Portland, Oregon. The kids racing are so cute and the shots of the building are terrific! Hope you're both having a great week!


photowannabe said...

Amazing architecture and the picture of the boys are just supurb. Great post for the letter J.

Wanda said...

I adore the children's faces! Just precious.

Hildred and Charles said...

Love the picture of the 'last little one in". Wonderful architecture.

Tumblewords: said...

It does look exquisitely peaceful. Your photos are terrific - the kids look like they are having a great day!

Jama said...

Looks so lovely! We have a Japanese Garden here in Singapore too.

Anders og Birgit said...

The last photo made me smile :)

mrsnesbitt said...

Love the symbolism of Japanese gardens, gives me an idea of how bizarre my own garden is.

Thanks so much for contributing!
denise (ABC Team)

Jay said...

Good to see that the spirit of competition is alive and well somewhere in the world!

Manang Kim said...

Japanese garden is very beautiful wish we have it here in MI. Thanks for sharing!

ABC Wednesday-J for Jump & Joy

Roger Owen Green said...

I can relate to the kid coming in last.

RuneE said...

That garden must have been made for a photographer :-) - I would have loved it (I have only seen the one in San Francisco).

shu said...

Love the faces of children!


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