Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ABC Wednesday: Y is for Yellow

 We have been absent from the blogosphere for several weeks.  Grace has an intensive traveling schedule that took her away from Taiwan for almost a month.  I was in the meantime moving our house.  Now things are bit settled finally.  Last May, I went to a close-by beach intended to photograph a famous scenery of sea weeds on the beach rock.  The weather was not collaborating.  It was cold and windy with big surfs.  I turned my attention to some local colors.  This is a graffiti of tiles on the sea wall.  The Chinese characters on the wall is the name of the village and the literal translation means "Old Plum".  I think you can see some yellow color on the wall.

Near by there is this very colorful pub.  The owner seems very artistic or he knows that many photographers come to this location to photograph the sea weeds on the rock, thus he makes his restaurant as photogenic as possible.

It is really very interesting structure.  Although it was a very overcast day, I had my tripod with me and be able to get some very clear images.

After turning away from the colorful pub, I saw this house by the beach almost completely put together by the clapboards.

I do not think there is a very romantic story behind this buildings as the colorful pub.  I think the house is at the fringe of the village bordering the beach.  The land owner is prohibited from building a permanent structure.  Thus he put up this temporarily looking house using different clapboards.

Do not ask me what is the round things, I have no idea.

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EG Wow said...

Cool shots of cool scenes. :)

Meryl Jaffe, PhD said...

Beautiful shots - great color. I did like the Yellow doors.

Roger Owen Green said...

What a mix of images!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

photowannabe said...

I love the photos of all the different textures and colors. Nice post for the letter Y.

Jingle said...

amazing shots on lovely spots.


Leslie: said...

I love how you integrated the yellow in every photo, some subtly and some not so.

abcw team

Barbara Rosenzweig said...

Fabulous photos! You have a great eye!

Ann said...

your top photo makes me think of the new totem poles they made in my school. They asked the school children to bring in chipped china to make them.

helenmac said...

So good to have your great photos back with us! I would like to meet the person who made the "temporary" house, very creative I think. And did you meet the owner of the yellow pub?
ABC Wednesday Team

LibrarySnake said...

Ooh, beautiful pictures!



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