Sunday, August 12, 2012

Nikon V1,10mm 2.8, HDR Efex Pro 2: 緣麵屋enishi

This is the only Taiwan outlet of the famous Japanese Noodle shop, 緣麵屋 (Enishi).  We went once a month during the past several months.  The usual wait is one hour.  The people on the left were having the noodle in front of the kitchen, the people on the right were waiting patiently.

Here is the kitchen, we can see how the noodles are made.

It is not me who was eating the noodle, but I got the seat next to him after one hour wait.

Not only the noodle is cooked right in front of us, but each piece of meat is fired before it is served.

This is what we came for 沾麵.  The soup is hot but the noodle was rinsed in cold water to keep it "Al Dente" or in Taiwanese "Q".  We dip the noodle in the soup before we eat it, very nice indeed.

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