Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Night at Las Vegas

This was the first night of my trip to Utah.  Ted Soqui and Jean Ray drove me and Marisa Sarto from LA and joined with the rest of the group, Billy, Judy and Rosemary at Las Vegas.  Dave Wyman, due to his bike accident, was not be able to join us on the trip. It was election day for the US.  After the dinner at Paris Hotel, we went on the street to photograph people's reaction to the election result, which Obama won.  The pictures were taken under the giant TV screen that CNN set up in front of the Planet Hollywood.


I believe this couple picture was on many news wire.

 Very moving to see this couple's expression on the re-election of a black American president.
Billy and Judy

 America is a free country, you are free to elect your own president and free to go to a Peepshow.

The red arrow pointed at the election winner Barack Obama.

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