Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Zion National Park: First Encounter

This is my first encounter with the Zion National Park.  The first two shots were actually taken in the van on the way to Zion.  I am pretty sure that I saw the same scenery in the movie "Cowboy and Alien".  I was surprise that the fall color was so late at Zion, on Blue Ridge Parkway, most leaves were gone at higher elevation already.

We were all bit worry the family that just ahead of us are setting up picnic and would ruin our photo opportunity.  I actually saw that they added interest into the picture.

Sunstar! We all had a good practice with it.


zionponderosa said...

Traveling to Zion National park? Looking for the best bed and breakfast in town? I know the place, it will charm the dickens out of you!

zion national park

atvadventures said...

Zion National Park lies in the northwestern section of Utah and provides some of the most dramatic and variable scenery to be seen anywhere in the national parks system.

Zion ATV Photos


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