Sunday, January 13, 2013

D800E: Sharpening

I always have in-camera sharpening set at 6 or 7 (Picture Control: Standard or Neutral).  This allows me to view the image on the LCD much better.  I am usually lazy and keep the in-camera sharpening in NX2.  If I use Portrait or Neutral (sharpening 2), I will then use Jason Ordell's USM 30/7/3 for final sharpening.

His sharpening method specific for 800e is interesting and worked very well.  I set the sharpening in Development section of NX2 at 0 for 800e , then apply his sharpening method.  The result is amazingly good, on condition, our photographic technique is perfect.  All three images on this blog are using this sharpening method.  It does not work all the time, sometimes I need just add a little bit more of in-camera sharpening (or in NX2) to give that extra push.  

The soft and evenness of the color of this image really does not require much sharpening.

Although I only used minimum sharpening as described, I used a little bit of Tonal Contrast of Color Efex Pro to bring more detail of the colorful subjects.

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