Sunday, January 13, 2013

Nikon D800E Resolution: Why 36 MP Matter

For me, photographing landscape especially flowering bed or an Aspen tree in its most brilliant fall yellow color is something very much of a challenge.  First is the color, and the second is the resolution. For the color, the first rule of thumb is do not over saturate the color.  Look at the RGB histogram on the LCD carefully.  Do not let the Red curve over exposed (pushed to the far right).  Usually, it means using Natural at Picture Control, make sure that the scene is not to contrasty and under expose slightly to ensure no red is over exposed.

The other issue is resolution and that is what I hope the 36 MP will help.  Perfect stability of the camera and subject is essential but after all that, with D700 with its 12MP, it is hard to get clear sharp image of little flowers and leaves at 100%.  The above image was shot by D800e with 36 MP.  It looks ordinary but look at 100%

I can see finally all the little flowers and leaves.

 People may say that you never need that much resolution, who look at image at 100%.  But we do, we would like that all the detail is clear and sharp.  Such as this shot, when enlarge to 100%, I can see all the leaves of the shrubs by the side of the pond sharp and clear.

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