Monday, August 25, 2008

Spring in Paris, 2008

You all will still have to wait for Grace to add information to her trip to Paris in April, 2008.  Here are some notes on the technical side of these amazing photographs.

Grace took her D40 and 18-200 VR lens for the trip.  The combination proved again that it was a marvelous traveling pack.  Look at picture DSC_1666 and DSC_1667 where Grace show-off the zone range.  The photos shot inside of the Church demonstrated the power of VR.  Picture DSC_1558 was shot using ASA800 at 42 mm for 1/10 second hand held. 

The day was just before a storm coming in.  The sky gave very extraordinary light.  I only have to darken the sky a little in some of the photographs to dramatize the effects.  She took 400 pictures in 3 hours.  It has taken me a while to put up this blog.  I was waiting for the purchasing of Photoshop CS3.  Now I have it and I can correct the prospective of some of the architecture photos (making all the column standing straight).  

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