Thursday, August 7, 2008

Taiwan University Hospital, Five-color bird (五色鳥)

I was on the computer in the morning and saw the story of a pair of five-color bird (五色鳥) that is raising two chicks on a tree just outside of the Taiwan University Hospital.  I was in the neighborhood in the afternoon to take care of the healthcare insurance issue for our maid and took the camera with me.  The main reason to bring the camera is to deal with the issue that I had with my 50mm 1:1.4 D lens with the camera shop.  I was curious and dropped by and really saw a very enthusiastic crowd of photographers.  I had no idea why some of them have to camouflage their camera and themselves right outside of a busy hospital.  I only did some quick photographies of the chick, just hand-held with my 70-300mm VR lens, no tripod.  I did not wait for the parents to come back to feed them.  Some of the photographers seems camped out at 5 am to wait for the occasion.


Grace & Bradley said...

May be Bradley should be more diligent with his hobby and camp out under the tree also waiting for the mother bird

Bradley said...

May be some day

shu said...

The face of the little bird says where is my food and what all these people doing here ... :-)


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