Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day Trip on Labor Day

The Labor day turned out to be a very fine day.  I have never see Taipei Harbor so clear before from our balcony.

 We first crossed 陽明山 at the back of our home. This 海芋 field is not at 竹子湖, but on 陽金路.  It is the place we usually stopped to buy at photograph the flower.  We have a photo similar to this taken a few years ago.  This time I went right away to look for the little frog in the flower, and I found it.

70-200mm lens could not photo the flower close enough.  I had to take them with the 24-70mm and used my usually formula of photographing flowers in a flower field using wild-angle lens.

If I had my 105mm Micro lens then I will photographed them differently.

I have to take five images at 1 stop exposure intervals to create this HDR image.

We then drove on the expressway 62 to 瑞芳 then from 福隆 to take 2丙 through 平溪 back to Taipei.  The 油桐花 season was at its peak, But we have photographed 油桐花 at 平溪 before thus we did not linger too long.

We were back at 敦化 at 1 pm, still enough time to do some shopping in the Mall.

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