Sunday, May 6, 2012

Petite Venice, Colmar

After an hour and half drive on the A35 from Strasbourg, we arrived at the old town of Colmar, Petite Venice.  This is a photo taken from the window of our hotel room at Hostellerie Le Marechal.  You can see why the area is called Petite Venice.

Our Hotel is the green building on the left.  The little pink sidewall marked the Romantik Hôtel Restaurant, which sits right on the canal.

The sun set quite late at 9 PM, thus we still had plenty of light to walk around the old town and taking some pictures.

We had dinner in the Romantik Hôtel Restaurant.  We had fried frog legs as starter then turbot fish with Spanish rice.  However, the most memorable thing was the grande cru Alsace white wine with the most incredible gold color.

I came out again after the dinner to photograph some night scene around the hotel.

This is the front of our hotel.

This picture was taken the next morning of the town square in front of the hotel.  We had a nice breakfast and bought some charcuterie at the corner butcher shop.  We then went on a tour of the Route de Vine Alsace.  We would visit two small villages before heading to Nancy.

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