Monday, May 7, 2012

Riquewihr, Alsace

Our first stop along the Route du Vine Alsace on May 7, Sunday is Kaysersberg, the next village that we visited was Riquewihr, a Michelin Green Guide 3-star destination.  The village is still surrounded by a rampart.  The gate to the city is actually the City Hall.  We could not park near the front gate but went to the side and walked in through the side entrance.  It is better maintained for the touristic purpose, thus less local car traffic.  Can you see the little grey cat that was walking away from us?  Grace took this picture.

I took this one.  The cat sat near the flower bed stared at us.

 Grace took this picture, see the restaurant on the right.

I took this one and walked into the restaurant to check it out.  It seems to be quite nice.  We decided to come back for lunch after a tour of the village.

We really did not walk far, after seeing so many Alsace cute half-timber houses at Strasbourg, Colmar and Karysersburg, we felt that we had seen enough.

This is City Hall and the front entrance coming into the Village.

We came back to the restaurant for lunch,  Can you see the shape of the glasses?  They are in vogue all over the place and is especially good for the Alsace white wine.

Grace insisted on that she wanted to have white asparagus, but it was only available in the menu and could not be ordered separately.  End up, I had the menu, which is a more Parisian cuisine and she ordered the pig knuckles, a local Alsace speciality.  She had my white asparagus appetizer and the knuckles and I had my fancy chicken breast.

The way we were fed, I would be as big as my friend in the picture.

 The village is surrounded by vineyard.

After lunch, we headed back the road that would take us across the Vosges Mountain back into Lorraine region.  The grey cat that we saw coming into the village was still there bidding farewell to us.

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