Tuesday, October 16, 2012

PC-E NIKKOR 24mm f/3.5D ED: Tilt

This series of images using the "Tilt" function of the lens with the technique that I described here without tripod.  

The camera was hold in perfect level at portrait position using viewfinder virtual horizon.  The aperture was set at 8 and focus at 5 meter.  The lens was tilted downward about 1.5 - 2 degree.  We can see the POF (Plan Of Focus) is almost right alone the flower bed going upward.  The leaves on the top of the plant closest to the camera is little bit soft for the reason that I described earlier.

I then turned the camera to the landscape position and now the lens was tilt toward left.  The WWII memorial is in focus all the way through.  You may find the stone wall a bit soft, which is caused by the special effect of the Color Efex Pro filters.  For this shot, I actually used tilt and shift at the same time.  I kept the camera in perfect level using viewfinder virtual horizon then shift the lens upward to get the composition.

In this image, I tilted the lens downwards with the camera in perfect level at landscape position, everything close and far are in perfect focus.

In this image, the flower hedge is at my waist level, I made sure that my lens was tilt enough (3-4 degree) that the POF started from my foot up to the distance will cover the flowers closest to me.  I managed to get everything in focus again.  To compensate the downward tilt of the lens, I might have pointed the camera slightly upward to adjust for the prospective change and kept all the vertical line straight.

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