Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sansia VIII: Zushih Temple  清水祖師廟

Zushih Temple was first built in 1767.  It worshiped a diety generally called Zushih by the local people.  He was warrior monk during the Song Dynasty  (960-1279) and has been worshiped by the people of Southeast China.

With the immegrants moving to Taiwan from China in the 18th century, the tradition was brought to Taiwan also.  The temple has been reconstructed three times.  The last reconstruction started in 1947 and is still on going.  It was carried out by the well-known Taiwanese artist Li Meishu, who died in 1983.

The temple is not the largest of its type but certainly the finest.  All the pillars are carved from stones, together with the wooden structures, they are covered with intricated hand-carving.

One character of Zushih is his black face.  It makes one wonder his ethinic origin, is he an Aferican Chinese or Indian?

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