Sunday, March 22, 2009

Today's Flowers #32: Cotton Tree

Cotton Tree (木棉), Bombax Ceiba is a big tree about three stories high and they are planted frequently around the sidwalk in Taiwan.  It is a deciduous tree, the flowers, each the size of a man's fist,  come out in early Spring before the new foliage.  It is not possible to phgotograph the flowers from the ground, they are too high-up.  The metro line that I takes regularly is above ground and the station is about two-story high.  It gives me a perfect plateform to shot the flowers.  This was what I did last Thursday, March 19.

The interesting thing was there were birds came in to eat whatever inside of the flower.  Thus I also got the chance to photograph the birds.  This is a Lighted-vented Bulbul(白頭翁) also known as Chinese Bulble, Pycnonotus sinensis.

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Arija said...

So glad you reasised the possibilities of the station as a shooting platform. Wonderful flower shots. I am glad you mentioned the size as well, the trees must look quite spectacular.
Lucky to capture the bird as well.

kayleen said...

Wow, that's a tall tree. The flowers are beautiful, as is the bird. Thanks for sharing.

Nebraska Birding

Reader Wil said...

It was worth while getting to the metro station to shoot these splendid flowers! I have never seen this kind of plant! Thanks for sharing and for the trouble to take these shots. Have a great week.

Vicky said...

Oh! what lovely flowers /bird to behold.

shu said...

It is great to see Cotton Tree (木棉) after so many years. Thank you! It is Spring in Taiwan for sure when Cotton Tree (木棉) is blooming. Sis

Shari said...

those are the prettiest color flowers!

Lightfoot said...

Your photos are amazing


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