Thursday, December 4, 2008

New Mexico VI: O'Keeffe Museum, Canyon Drive and Bosque del Apache

Wednesday, November 12th, it was the last day of our New Mexico trip.  We came into Santa Fe last night and stayed at a very nice hotel just by the Santa Fe old Town Center, Inns of the Governors.  In the morning, we visited Georgia O'Keeffe Museum.  It had a special exhibition of the photos that contemporary photographers took for her and her life in New Mexico with selected paintings by her.  We then walked alone the Canyon Drive, a street lined with famous art galleries.  Here are some photos of the morning tour.  We then drove back to Albuquerque to send Grace to airport to continue her around the world trip.  The rest of the group then rushed to the famous bird sanctuary Bosque del Apache.

We arrived just about sunset when the birds were coming back from a day of feeding in the surrounding grounds.  There were thousands on the lake and hundreds continuously fly in.

The scenery pushed us to the limit of our skill and photographic equipments.  Here are some more of my photos.

Bosque de Apache not only is a bird sanctuary, it is also teamed with other animals.  Here was a lucky shot of a deer family.

All through the trip, we have been chasing the moon rise, over the adobe church, over Hernandez, etc.  We finally got the perfect moonrise at Bosque del Apache.  

It was matched by an even more amazing sunset New Mexico style.  Here are more photos.

Finally, the dark fall and it was time to go back to Alburquerque, packed the luggage and ready to head home.

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