Saturday, December 13, 2008

North Shore

It was Saturday, December 6, almost one month after we came back from New Mexico.  I had spent most of my spare time on the computer to develop the images from that trip and had not touch my camera.  I suppose after the intense 5-day photographic session, I was a bit shell-shock and gun-shy about photographing again.  On this Saturday, Grace had an outing with all her lady-friends from the Biolady Club at Danshuei Village.  The village is reachable by metro from Taipei city and is a very active tourist town.  I also bike over there often.  Danshuei river is the major river of Taipei.  The village is where the river flows into Taiwan strait.  Because of its location, it has many historical buildings from the 18th and early 19th century.  I took her to Danshuei by car then continued northward alone the ocean for a little tour of myself.  It was a very scenic drive started from Danshuei and ended at Keelung.  The highway then continues southward alone the northeast shore, where I have photographed several times before.  I took only my D300 and the 105 VR micro lens.

The first place I encountered was this nice litter park by the sea.  It was made of various concrete structures.  Guess what, it is a special park constructed by the county government for wedding photography.  As shown at the LeDeux Street in Taos, New Mexico, the 105 lens was just perfect for the location.  I got many photographs in perfect geometry.

The next place I stopped by was a small harbor called Dragon Hole (龍洞).  It does have a natural stone gate (a big hole) about two-story high over looking the ocean by the harbor.  There was a squid boat in the harbor.  Squid boat differs from the normal fishing boat by the lines of enormous lanterns on the boat.  It uses them to light up the ocean surface at night to attract squid.  Just as at Elizabeth Town at New Mexico, where I took a series of photos of an old truck.  I took a lot of colorful photographs of this old squid boat.

Then I saw this incredible image by the sea.  An ocean-going vessel tied to the beach.  I did not think it was beached by accident, but was tied up for repair.  There were some kind of operation on the beach.  Here are more photos around the area.

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