Friday, December 5, 2008

New Mexico VII: Ojo Caliente and Round Barn

Ojo Caliente is a hot spring resort, we passed by on Monday, November 10th when we were on our way to Abiquiu.  Much to Grace' dismay, we did not stop for the famous New Mexico hot spring spa, but to photograph a round barn!!!

This is a scene from the Ojo Caliente Mineral Spring Resort taken by Grace.  I often have to straighten Grace' photo in Photoshop and do some prospective adjustments due to her height and the wide angle lens that she used.  However, if I do any of these things to this photo, it will lose its charm and make it to become so ordinary.

The round barn has been totally renovated (unfortunately).  I had a look at it and did not know what to do with this huge brand new structure.  Grace got a reasonably good shot.  

Dave was even better, showed us his picture of the round barn on his computer converted to sepia monochrome, which made the new barn aged 50 years and filled with character.  Here is my attempt.

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