Saturday, December 13, 2008

Taipei Zoo

Today is Saturday, December 13th.  Grace was out for her company's clinical PI meeting.  I took my D300 with 70-300 VR lens to Taipei Zoo.  It is not too far away from our condo.  But the metro was out of order.  Though, the connecting bus was free.  I was out to the zoo for photography two times before.  They were with my old D70 and the old 70-300 lens.  That lens was not really a very good lens and without VR.  It was quite difficult to use hand-held.  This time, I just wanted to see how good are the new camera and new lens.  They can be really good.  Click on the photo and you can see the photos in larger size.

I photographed him once before.  The photos were quite sharp already.  He looked even better this time with the bright sunshine and the water in background.

It is amazing how the camera and the lens bring out all the detail of his fur.  I think I also caught a better expression of him this time.

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