Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Taipei National Theater

During our trip to New Mexico, we photographed many adobe colored building against beautiful blue sky.  I have been wondering where can I have such amazing color to photograph again in Taiwan.  On Thursday, December 18, I was on my way to lunch on the bus.  On impulse, I jumped of the bus at the Freedom Square near the Presidential Palace.  It is the location of Chang Kai-Check Memorial.  It was renamed to "Freedom Square" during the last presidential election due to local politics.  I have photographed the location before when I just had the D300 with the 70-300 VR lens.  At that time, the National Theater which is at the same location was under renovation.  Thus I only photographed the Memorial Hall which has glazed blue tile roof.

The National Theater has glazed gold/brown tile roof.  It is the largest structure in the world with this type of the roof.  When Photograph against the winter blue sky of Taipei, I got very similar colorful scene as in new Mexico.  Here are more photographs.

This time I used D700 with the 70-300 VR lens.  The lens was easier to use on the FX format D700 than on the DX format D300.  The field-of-view is much more natural without the 1.5x factor.  I did not have to keep on stepping back.  The lens was good, but I still need to do a lot of distortion adjustment by Capture NX or Photoshop.  Shooting against the blue sky also made the vignette very evident.  They were so strong that could not be corrected easily using Capture NX, the Photoshop corrected it without a hitch.

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Martin said...

Havn't read the blog for a while, I like sky photos of NM... What a blue sky!

Merry Christmas!


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