Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fishing Floats

On Saturday, January 31, the last weekend of our Chinese New Year holiday.  We drove to the sea coast village, Jinshan (金山).  It is almost at the nothern tip of Taiwan.  The literal translation of Jinshan is Gold Mountain.  Normally, we only drive through the village either using the by-pass or the central passway.  Did not think much of it.  It is famous for the hot spring spa, which is one of the the very few in the world that comes from undersea.  On this day, we saw the sign of alternative route and took it.  It took us to a harbor that we have never been.  It is actually a twin-harbor on either side of a small peninsula.  We had a marvelous lunch of fresh crabs, fish and clams by the harbor .  They were all alive and kicking from the water tank.  

At one of the harbors, Grace took the pictures of these colorful fishing floats hanging on the wall. We also photographed many fishing vessels in the harbor, which we will show next time.


uncleawang said...

That's beautiful shoot...Thanks for sharing and have a nice day.

kRiZ cPEc said...

seafood by the fresh they must have been! Your description makes me feel hungry, lol.

Carol said...

Nice array of color...can't wait to see the fishing vessels...lunch sounds pretty good too!


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