Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sansia V: Wooden Sandals

Traditionally, espically in Taiwan due to the tradition from the period of Japanese occupation, people wore wooden sandals.  We all wore them around the house when we were kids.  The practice is much less now.  On the old street of Sansia, there are several stores custom make wooden sandals for the customers.  They are no longer a piece of wood with a plastic top to hold the feet.  They are much more sophisticated with colorful design.  Here was a pair that was signed by our current President, which the store owner proudly desplayed.

Of course, there are also plastic walking sandals, copies from the popular American design.

A similar pair in pink color is also shown on the Taipei metro warning sign.  It warns wearers of possible accident in wearning this type of shoes on the escalator.

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