Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fishing vessels

This a follow up on our blog of our trip to Jinshan on Saturday, January 31. The port was packed with colorful fishing vessels both large ocean going ships and small dingys.

Taiwan is surrounded by sea. On the Western side, it is the Taiwan strait. The coast is formed by many flood plans. A lot of fish and shell fish farming on this side of the coast. At the east, it is the Pacific ocean and the coast is very rugged. Kuroshio current flow through the east coast at speed of 100 cm/s and is about 100 km wide.

Thus fishing is an important industry for Taiwan. Locally, we mostly eat small fish from the coastal water. We prepare them whole, never filet them. In the meantime, our deep sea fishing vessels are part of the culprits for the overfishing in the world ocean.


uncleawang said...

So the fisherman is not at rest in Taiwan.Nice shot!!!!.

Karyn said...

I love the colors and different perspectives in these photos!


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