Friday, February 27, 2009

Taiwanese Aborigines

Taiwanese Aborigines represent about 2% of Taiwan's population.  Traditionally most of them lived in the mountainous region of Taiwan.  The recent linguistic studies suggest that Taiwan is the original homeland of Austronesian language family of islands of Southeast Asia and Pacific. Ami is the largest aboriginal tribe and lives mostly at the eastern part of Taiwan.  The school children of the local Ami tribe did a dancing performance for the hotel guests when we stayed at Jhihben during our trip around Taiwan last weekend.  

The Ami has facial features different from Chinese, more Western and has very beautiful voice. One of our most popular Pop singer is from the Ami tribe, and one of our senator, who was singer, movie star and tribal affair activist.


Carol said...

Love their traditional dress and enjoyed reading this. You have the most interesting blog!

shu said...

I started making a habit of reading your blog at the end of my work week. What fun it is to read them! Thank you for sharing them. Ami girls are very beautiful. A very best friend of mine is from Eastern part of Taiwan where there are lots of Ami people. I always believe she has Ami blood in her. Her skin is a bit darker and she has beautiful, beautiful wide, deep-set eyes. Sis


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