Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sansia II: Store signs

The old street of Sansia is very much like all the old town/village tourist attractions in Taiwan.  They are just shopping streets end to end packed with stores selling delicacies and handcrafts.

This store at street no. 99 says "Sansia Old Street Stomach-full area"  

This stores sells a really local Taiwanese delicacy.  It is a cake made of pig blood and sticky rice.  A lot of people love it!!!

Now, this bread is really famous Taiwan-wide.  It is shaped like croissant but not as fluffy and is  smaller.  The original store claims to be the one at no. 63 of the old street.  Of course, now there are so many copy-cats all over the place.  This is one of them, but got a nice colorful sign.


Marc said...

Very interesting. I particularly like the stomach-full one :-)

floreta said...

i love pictures of signage.


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