Wednesday, January 14, 2009

ABC Wednesday: Z is for Zinnia

The first time we planted zinnia was over ten years ago when we moved into our old house in Marlboro, Massachusetts.  I bought an envelop of seeds from the supermarket, then just scattered them on the ground.  So many colorful flowers came out and we collected the seeds for planting again the next year and many years after.

After Taiwan joined WTO, we have to allow cheap importation of rice.  Thus many local rice fields were abandoned. To rejuvenat the rice farmer's economy and promote tourism, the government persuades the farmer to plant sea of flowers in the abandoned rice fields.  Zinnia is one of the top choice.   They were very very colorful.  But as in life, do not confused by the colorful world, chose a perfect one to cherish (in this case to photograph).  

Technical side, red flowers are very difficult to photograph with Nikon camera.  The light meter only use the green channel of the RGB histogram to measure, thus the red almost always overexposed.  Make sure to check the red channel of the RGB histogram and under expose accordingly.

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kikamz said...

the 2nd zinnia post i have seen today. very vibrant and lovely colors you got here! i agree, zinnias are very easy to grow. you just scatter the seeds on the ground and days later, they will sprout. hope you are in the mood for a zoo visit today! Happy Wednesday!

Babooshka said...

These really are gorgeous little flowers.

Kim from Hiraeth said...

More zinnias! LOVE them! Thanks for the glimpse into summer on a cold and wintry day.

richies said...

Thats a lot of Zinnias. Very pretty

An Arkie's Musings

Jay said...

Beautiful!! That second shot is perfect!

Do you harvest the seeds? Or just sell the flowers?

Carol said...

Hi Grace and Bradley...these are beautiful zinnias...bright and colorful...good Z

Anonymous said...

Your flower photos are lovely.


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