Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Year 2009: Lion Head Mountain

After we visited the plum flower garden we went up the near by "Lion Head Mountain".  It is a famous recreation area, but both Grace and I are not good climbers, not even for well-paved stairs.  We drove up the mountain to a major temple.  Most local Taiwanese Temples are "Tao" religion which are different from Buddhism.  Although both of them are polytheism, Tao religion is really local Chinese in contrast to Buddhism which was originated from India.  Tao is very similar to the Greek paganism, worships all kinds of deities in the mythology, and many historical figures.  In China, Tao religion went back many thousands of years.  On the other hand the local Tao Temples in Taiwan worship many different deities than that in mainland China.  The Taiwanese Tao temples are also very different and unique.  They have very colorful roof decorations.  I have been interested to photograph them for a while.  When we arrived at the temple, a most brilliant sun appeared and lighted up the newly renovated roof.  Here are more of our photos.

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Captivator said...

Beautiful colors with the dark sky as the backdrop...


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