Monday, January 26, 2009

Daily Flower 1: Moutain Cherry Blossom

We are into the holiday of Chinese New Year.  In Taiwan we have 9 days off from January 24th to February 1st.  It was gray and rainy on Saturday, the first day of the holiday.  We did some preparation for the New Year Eve meal then went out for a drive.  We went up to the host spring mountain area of Wulai.  It was about an hour drive up and an hour back from our home in Taipei.  It is famous for its waterfall and hot spring spa.  As the spring is coming, the cherry blossom season is about to start.  Taiwan's cherry blossom is very different from that of Washington, D.C. or in Japan.  The flowers are much smaller.  We called them Moutain Cherry Blossom.  But the weather was too bad this day for us to take any photos.  This photo was taken last year.

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