Friday, January 23, 2009

Unknown flowers

I was bored this afternoon and took the D700 and 105 VR micro lens down to the garden and took several pictures of the flowers and tried out the correct focusing method for close-up that I experimenting recently.  For some of you who are Nikon savvy, the setting that I used was Focus  Mode: Continous-servo AF; AF-area Mode: Single-point AF; Custom Setting a1: AF-C Priority Selection at focus.  Put it in plain English, I placed the focusing point on the flower where it needed to be absoutly in focus, the camera continously tried to focus as my body swayed and the wind blew.  When the camera thought it was in focus, it released the shutter.  I used ISO 800, which the D700 gave me no image noise at all;  with the VR lens I could keep most of my pictures sharp hand-held.

I took the pictures all in RAW and keep the Picture Control at Standard, which gave me reasonable images to review on the LCD screen at the back of the camera.  I also checked the RGB histogram on the LCD screen to make sure that none of the Red, Green and Blue is over-exposed.  The Picture Control and exposure were then fine-toned on the computer using Capture NX2, the images were save as JPEG.  I used the Curve in the Photoshop to further adjust the Red, Green and Blue color channels to finally getting the color that I thought matching the real thing.  Flowers are always most difficult for me to get the correct color.  

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uncleawang said...

I first flower look like orcid.Nice close up image.Thanks for the tip and have a wonderful weekend.


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