Sunday, January 18, 2009

Enjoy Motel

"Enjoy Motel" does not mean to ask you to enjoy "Motel 6" during your highway travel in the US.  "Enjoy Motel" is the name of the motel that we went to on Sunday, January 18th.  Taiwan has a very particular motel culture, which is unique in the world.  First, it is very private and secluded, for obvious reason if you are a pair love birds seeking some private moment.  You drive the car into the first level garage, close the door, no one see you at all.  The second, they all claim 5-star interior decoration.  Typically, the bathroom is bigger than the room.  The bath tub often as big as a swimming pool and you do have a private indoor swimming pool.

The highest concentration of motels is in Taichung, which means "Center of Taiwan".  It is geological located in the middle of Taiwan, about 2 hours drive south from Taipei.  Thus it is a good stopping and resting place before traveling further south.  Taichung also famous for good nouveau cuisine.  We went to a restaurant called "Deep Sea Restaurant" that served incredibly fresh fish from Pacific ocean for lunch.  The owner put together a menu contains sward fish sashimi,  sea weed salads and a fish hot-pot.  At my age, after such a satisfying meal, I needed a nice nap.  A 3 hours stop by at "Enjoy Motel" put me back in good form to drive back to Taipei.

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