Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Year 2009: TaAn Park Flower Show

Orchid in TaAn Park 

TaAn Forest Park, the largest park in Taipei, has an annual flower show around each New Year.  The park is just next to my parents' old apartment.  I photographed the flower show last year.  I completely forgot about it this year till passing by the park by chance just before Christmas.  I took some photos, then went with Grace again on Saturday, January, 3rd.  It was a beautiful day, bright sunshine with temperature at 20 degree C (plus not minus). Grace used the 105 VR Micro lens with her D90 and I used the 70-300 VR on my D700.  The floral landscapes competition  was not as good as last year probably due to the economic condition and budget constrain.  Thus you can see from our photos that we used more close-up shots than last year.  Taipei will be hosting the 2010 International Flower Expo, lot more work still need to be done.  This year is the Year of Ox for the Chinese calendar.  In case, some of you may wonder why the picture of an artificial ox in the photo gallery.  

A painter on the Youngkang Street

After walking through the park, we cross over to the near by Yongkang Street (永康街).  It is a district with a lot character, many good restaurants.  We went to an Italian eatery called Cello Pasta (騎樓義大麵).  It is so small that the kitchen is separated from the dinning area.  We had to stand on the street to order through the window of the kitchen, then walked two stores down to the dinning room.  The pasta was also brought over from the kitchen through the street.  But the pasta was really authentic, just like we had in Italy.  It was a very nice day out.

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